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How I got the Camera

So the question is: how did I manage to get a Canon Autoboy aka Canon Supreme aka Canon Top Shot, for just 1 euro?

Well, it’s quite a short and funny story… It was just yesterday… I sat in my class, bored out of my mind. So I did something that I hardly ever do. I grabbed my phone and looked through “eBay Kleinanziegen” (it’s like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist but in Germany).

I looked up cameras in the area around Munich. After quite some searching, I found this beauty sitting there for just 1 euro. I immediately texted the seller and asked if the camera was still available. To my surprise, she responded, “Yea, if you want, we can make an appointment when you can come to pick it up”. I asked if today at 15:40 was okay, and she responded, “Sure”.

At this point, I was sure there had to be some kind of catch. Like when I came there, she would start to negotiate, or she would say that the camera was 10 euros or something. However, when I came there, I looked at the camera and asked: “so 1 Euro?” and she said, “Yeah, 1 Euro”. I gave her the 1 euro and went back to my train station.

When I was in my train, I couldn’t believe the deal I just made… This camera sells for around 50 euros on eBay, and I nearly got it for free.

I am still so happy that I got a perfectly working and beautiful Canon Autoboy for 1 euro!!

Camera Review

It’s a 35mm film camera with a 38mm F2.8 lens.

So how is the camera?

I really like it. It sits great in my hand. The viewfinder is a little too small for my taste, but nothing too bad. I wish I had the date version because I would love to use it as a camera for memories. I will still use it for that, but just without the built-in date. Overall, the camera is beautifully made and just looks so perfect. The only thing that I don’t like about it is that it is 100% automatic (duh its in the name “Canon Autoboy”). But for a now 45-year-old camera, I think that it holds up great, and I would really recommend it.

Thanks for reading through my blog post 🙂

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